About Us


Pitason was establised in 2004 and Incorporated  in 2012. Our factory is located in Aba, a city in the south-eastern part of Nigeria and the second largest commercial/industrial city in Nigeria. Core market sectors include Chemicals, Plastic and Paper.

Over the years we have been able to interpret and follow at best the needs of the market, tackling, with technology and expertise that distinguish, new productions. We are always at the forefront in technology and we have the latest novelty in terms of machinery used in the factory. Everything is designed and manufactured in providing customers a high level of service and modelling at the same time guarantee of quality and confidentiality.

We give our customers a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace with the greatest capacity and geographic reach. We’re committed to serving each and every customer in the best way possible. Through this merger, we look forward to strengthening our existing relationships, and developing new ones in the future.

Who We Are

Pitason Industries Limited (PIL) is a manufacturing company with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing footwear outsoles and slippers for the footwear industry.

We combine advanced technology with superior customer service to create the industry’s most sophisticated and diverse products. We are waiting to show you our capabilities, happy to welcome you.

What We Do

Pitason specializes in the design and manufacture of footwear outsole and slippers. We follow the latest trend and fashion for the footwear industry.

We have a wide range of outsoles for casual/formal shoes, sandals and slippers. At present our company manufactures nearly 24,000 pairs per day whilst keeping highest standard quality control practices in place.

Built to Last

Pitason™ manufactures the widest array of high grade, high performance PVC Shoe Sole in the industry, and also offers a steady flow of innovative products and materials for our customers. We are the most reliable shoe sole manufacturer with competitive costs and the expertise required to satisfy customer demand across many industries and applications.

Advanced Technology

As the preeminent PVC Shoe Sole manufacturer in the industry, Pitason™ has made significant investments in research and development. We combine advanced product technology with state-of-the-art automation. We consistently produce the highest quality Shoe Soles in the industry and are committed to ensuring ongoing product excellence.

Superior Customer Service

Pitason™ is dedicated to providing responsive, quality service with a flexible approach to meet the distinct needs of large and smaller customers alike. We will continue improving and adding value to our customer service with new initiatives and unique training and development programs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pitason remains committed to our core value of delivering life’s essentials through the most eco-friendly PVC and TPR products on the market. We pride ourselves on being able to illustrate the vital role our products play in improving and maintaining the health and quality of life throughout the world. We will continue to manufacture Shoe Soles and Boots to serve the world’s growing needs.